Opportunities for Northeast Ohio's visual artists

Hey there, welcome to NEO Art Opportunities! You've landed on the freshest list of opportunities for visual artists right here in Northeast Ohio.

As an artist in the area, I look for places to show my work, apply for individual artist grants, consider art-related jobs, and make sure I have a great studio space. Try as I might, I never found a central online source to browse and access all this info. Instead, my searches took me to dozens of different pages across Facebook, Instagram, email lists, and individual web sites... I often found out-of-date pages or sites with only a few listings. Eventually, I thought, why not capture and list all this info under one digital roof for myself and other artists? And then I made this site.

Think of NEO Art Opportunities as your artsy and organized friend. No jargon, no fuss, no ad-filled website. Just a straightforward spot where you can discover the freshest opportunities without the fuss. Oh, and it's FREE.

Things change quickly, so let NEO Art Opportunities help you stay current. I invite you to dive into NEO Art Opportunities - your new trusted source to find quality art opportunities. Let's keep growing our amazing Northeast Ohio art community.

– Susan Snipes

Our guiding principles

Focus on visual arts. Visual artists seek art opportunities specific to them. NEO Art Opportunities caters exclusively to visual artists.  

Stay local, but not too local. Artists connected with their communities – independent of city or county borders. NEO Art Opportunities lists regional opportunities, not limited to specific cities or counties.

Serve artists. NEO Art Opportunities is a service designed to benefit artists. We do not include any opportunities that do not directly enhance artists' interests and well-being.

Deliver quality content. We ensure listings are current and relevant. Our content curation seeks to provide varied and plentiful opportunities for artists at every stage of their career and for artists in underserved communities.

Keep it simple. This site offers the key info and links to art opportunities. We let arts organizations focus on their intake process for jobs and calls. We help artists find them!

Want to know more? Get answers to the most common questions in our FAQ.